The Faculty of Agriculture at Kyushu University was founded in February 1919 as the Faculty of Agriculture at Kyushu Imperial University. After numerous changes and transformations, in 2019 the Faculty has reached a significant milestone with the 100th anniversary of its foundation. The Faculty of Agriculture at Kyushu University was the third school of agriculture to be established in Japan following those of the University of Tokyo and Hokkaido University. As the Faculty of Agriculture at Kyushu University was the first to be designated a Faculty within a University from the time of its foundation, there have been great expectations from political and business stakeholders as well as from academic circles since its inception. Initially, the Department of Agriculture (with five courses) was established in 1920, and in the following year, Dr. Kosuke Honda assumed his position as its first Dean. One of the founding committee members at the time, Dr. Yoshinao Kozai, held research in high regard, stating, “The lifeblood of a university is its research. A university without its own original research is akin to a human without a soul,” claiming that the best education is one’s passion for research. With this in mind, under the guidance of Dean Honda, a system was instated so the number of hours a professor spent holding lectures was reduced to a minimum, while research was emphasized as the core activity for professors. Since then, new departments and laboratories have been added, with five new laboratories added in 1921, and in 1923 the Department of Agricultural Chemistry, as well as the Department of Forestry, were established, bringing the total number of departments to three with a total of 25 laboratories. Furthermore, the Departments of Fishery, Agricultural Engineering, and Animal Science and Agricultural Economics were established in 1941, 1942, and 1946, respectively. After the National School Establishment Law of 1949 passed and was implemented, the University continued to develop under the new system and the faculty became the Faculty of Agriculture of Kyushu University. The Department of Forest Products and Department of Food Science and Technology were established in 1961 and 1965, respectively. During this period, a Graduate School was established as a division in 1953 with nine majors corresponding to the nine departments of the Faculty, and in 1989, the Graduate School of Genetic Resources Technology was added as an institution independent of the departments. The University began to actively reform its institutions, and in the year 2000, Kyushu University separated the educational and research organizations to establish a new Educational Institutions and Research Faculty System. Since then, the Faculty members belong to the research body (i.e., Graduate Faculty) while the graduate students belong to the educational body (i.e., Graduate Schools); and the nine departments of the Faculty of Agriculture were reorganized into the Department of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences. Furthermore, in 2004 the National Universities went through major reforms and were reorganized into independent administrative institutions. Since then, there has been a demand for strong leadership within the executive decision-making body comprising the Board and the Dean, which is a major shift in the organization and administration of the University. After these changes, the current organization comprises the four divisions within the Faculty of Agriculture where the Faculty members belong, together with various courses for the graduate students (four for the Masters and five for the doctoral courses) in the Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences, and four courses plus an international course for the international students enrolled in the Department of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences in the undergraduate School of Agriculture. Additionally, there are other dependent institutions such as Research Forests, Farms, Fishery Research Laboratory, Institute of Genetic Resources, Institute of Biological Control, the Center for Promotion of International Education and Research, and the Fisheries Research Institute of Karatsu among others, allowing active collaborations and cooperation in the shared facilities on campus. From the establishment of the Faculty of Agriculture to the present day, the situation surrounding agricultural science has changed dramatically. Going forward, there are increasing expectations from agricultural science as it plays an important role in dealing with environmental changes at a global scale, food issues, and technological innovations among other matters. It was within this context that in 2018 the Faculty of Agriculture at Kyushu University left its historical home at Hakozaki Campus and relocated to Ito Campus. As we reflect on the steps taken at the Hakozaki Campus, on this 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Faculty of Agriculture, it seems an opportune moment for us to reaffirm the founding spirit, and use the invigoration  from our new campus and its facilities as the spur to take greater strides to respond to the demands of our times, and for the faculty members, the current students, alumni, and other affiliated members to come to a common understanding as a single body as to the future vision of what the Faculty of Agriculture ought to be and the role it must play in the future. Furthermore, with the 125th anniversary and beyond in mind, as a way to promote the dreams and hopes for the future of the Faculty of Agriculture both internally and externally, we have decided to engage in a Kyushu University Faculty of Agriculture 100th AnniversaryCommemorative Project. I humbly request you may agree to support this intent.   Kyushu University Faculty of Agriculture 100th Anniversary Commemorative Project Committee Committee Chair Susumu Fukuda